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I wrote Off the Beaten (Subway) Track because I love the wacky, unusual, and amazing things that go one all over the City that get less attention than a gross tourist trap like Times Square. It’s my hope that the book will encourage people to hop on the subway for an adventure, just like millions of curiosity-seekers do every year when they set out on the open highway for a road trip. New York is a vibrant city in every way, although gentrification threatens many of the quirkier aspects of the life here. The book contains things to see and do in all five boroughs (yes, even Staten Island has interesting aspects!).

I’m hoping that people will be willing to share their favorite off the beaten track things in New York City as well. The Off the Beaten (Subway) Track blog will have a post for each borough. Please leave your comments and thoughts about your community so that others can get out, explore, and hopefully preserve the unique parts of New York City that make it such a great place.

Written by Suzanne Reisman

May 26th, 2008 at 10:43 pm

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